Crude Oil Analysis You Tube

Crude Oil Analysis You Tube

By Crude oil market dynamics

As Iran's main compeCrude Oil Analysis You Tubetitor in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia has always supported Trump withdrawing from the Iran nuclear agreement and reimposing sanctions. This support is not only motivated by ideological or religious considerations, it also has purely economic motives: the less crude Iran sells, the more crude the market buys from Saudi Arabia.

Some help may be coming, but this is also a huge problem. Saudi Arabia said it may be willing to change its production methods and increase production to compensate for the loss of crude oil from Iran. But Goldman Sachs warned that there is no guarantee that Saudi Arabia will completely offset Iran's production cuts.

When you are doing long orders, you are afraid of attracting more and you are afraid of false breakthroughs. When you are short orders, you are afraid of attracting air, which will cause opportunities to disappear from your eyes. Just like in our story about crossing the river, we just think about whether there are crocodiles in the river, whether there are any reefs in the river, whether there are undercurrents in the river, etc. A series of hypothetical difficulties. It is only when we have courage. Knowing that there is nothing in the river. I was late after crossing the river.

However, as President Xi Jinping delivered a speech at the Boao Forum, the tensions between China and the United States eased. At the same time, the United States requested to increase crude oil imports to the United States and reduce the trade deficit between China and the United States. The market focus occurred in a short time. This has led to a rebound in oil prices. However, as the United States again announced the list of taxes on China on June 6, and subsequently stated that it would impose tariffs on crude oil imported by the United States, oil prices fell again.

In addition, judging from the statements made by Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif in the day, Iran may not be a soft persimmon. It is extremely insistent on the current version of the nuclear agreement and does not want to change the slightest. If the confrontation continues, the withdrawal of the United States from the Iran nuclear agreement is expected to be a foregone conclusion, which will certainly aggravate the turmoil in the Middle East.

At present, the attention of the crude oil market is focused on the G20 summit during the weekend. Because there is news that Saudi Arabia and Russia will meet, the market is expected to discuss production reduction plans in advance. ICrude Oil Analysis You Tubef it is in line with expectations, crude oil prices will be bombarded by big news as soon as the market opens next week. Oil prices are very likely. Soaring and falling.