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Crude oil spot price quote

On the daily chart, the K-line range oscillated around 66-68 U.S. dollars, falling from a high of 78 U.S. dollars, the upward channel was broken, and the oil price outlook tended to bearish risks. And the auxiliary indicator MACD fast and slow line showed


Crude oil trading analyst

Although Saudi Arabia has stated that it will cut production by 400,000 barrels per day, the plan has not been discussed yet, let alone implementation. In addition, U.S. crude oil production is accelerating, while crude oil demand is gradually weakening.


WTI crude oil spot prices

The well-known financial blog Zero Hedge stated that after the market commented on Saudi output, U.S. oil rebounded slightly from the intraday low; API crude oil inventories increased by 9.88 million barrels after API crude oil inventories rose by the lar


Brent crude oil trend

The price bottoming forms generally include triple bottom, head and shoulder bottom, double bottom w bottom and semicircular bottom pot bottom. The larger the horizontal construction area at the bottom, the more kinetic energy accumulated and the greater

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