Daily crude oil price

On May 25, 208, the Minister of Energy of Saudi Arabia stated that he would do what was necessary at the June meeting. Increasing the supply of crude oil will be a gradual process, and a steady release is needed to avoid an impact on the market. He saidDaily crude oil price that in the second half of the year Oil supply may gradually increase.

Last week, due to the strong increase in API and EIA inventories and the rebound of the U.S. dollar, the crude oil price fell to 67 line support. However, the crude oil market has resisted the negative pressure very strongly due to the looming Iranian nuclear storm. As the day when Trump tears up the Iran nuclear agreement is getting closer, the market's panic about the oil cut in the Middle East is also getting higher and higher, eventually helping the price of crude oil to reach the $70 gate.

The trade war has dragged down the development of the global economy, and the world's major economies are under downward pressure on economic growth. Although the United States has experienced good economic growth in the first half of the year, it is also expected to face greater pressure in the second half of the year. The economic situation is also not optimistic. The long-term economic downturn in the European Union and Japan, while India's economic growth is not as expected, shows that the world's major economies are under greater pressure, which will inevitably directly affect the driving force of oil consumption and will not support the rise of oil prices.

But the contest between the United States and Iran continues. On August 6, the last working day of the adjustment of domestic refined oil prices, the United States will impose financial sanctions on Iran. Prior to this, US allies banned the import of Iranian crude oil, while Iran threatened to block the Strait of Hormuz. Although Trump said at a press conference on Monday that he was willing to meet with Iranian leaders unconditionally, Iran offered conditions that only the United States would accept the meeting after returning to the Iran nuclear agreement. Trump stated that the meeting has nothing to do with the useless Iran nuclear agreement. It can be seen that there is still great uncertainty in the meeting between US and Iranian leaders, and international oil prices are likely to continue to rise.

While Trump blocked Iranian crude oil and asked other oil-producing countries to increase production, Saudi Arabia was frequently attacked by Houthis in Yemen. According to the Iranian National News Agency, the Yemeni Houthis announced through Iranian media that it successfully completed an attack on a Saudi Aramco facility on Monday, and last week the organization also attacked a Saudi navy vessel. Frigate.

Weinberg believes that at the OPEC summit on June 22, major oil-producing countries are likely to try to assure consumers that they are ready to increase production when Iranian oil exits the market to eliminate market concerns abouDaily crude oil pricet price increases.

Japanese shipping companies are also informing customers that they may no longer ship Iranian crude oil after September. Mitsubishi UFJ Bank MUFG has informed oil distributors that it will stop settlement of Iran-related transactions from the summer, unless Japan can obtain the guarantee of exemption from sanctions by the United States. Mizuho Bank Mizuho is also considering similar policies. Since oil is settled in U.S. dollars, distributors cannot bypass banks to buy oil.

Crude oil investment is currently a relatively hot investment project in the market. Crude oil includes spot crude oil and futures crude oil. Then some people will ask, what is the difference between spot crude oil and futures crude oil? Below, the editor of China Petroleum Finance Network will introduce to you. Different mechanisms for crude oil futures: there is a short-selling mechanism, two-way trading can be profitable, and there are profit opportunities in the rising and falling market. T+0 trading system. Positions can be opened and closed multiple times on the same day, but there is a delivery date, and delivery must be made at the end of the day, otherwise the position will be forcibly closed or delivered by things. At the same time, the position will be forcibly closed when the margin is insufficient. Spot crude oil: There is a short-selling mechanism, and two-way trading can be profitable. There are profit opportunities in the rising and falling market. T+0 trading system. You can open and close positions multiple times on the same day, with no delivery restrictions, and unlimited holdings. But when the margin is insufficient, the position will be forcibly closed. Different funds Spot crude oil: margin trading, leverage ranging from 20 to times. Crude oil futures: margin trading, leverage ranging from 8 to 5 times. Trading time is different. Spot crude oil: Following the opening time of Europe and America, it is divided into summer time and winter time. Due to the time difference, the current domestic trading time is from 07:00 to 05:00 Beijing time on each trading day, and from 05:00 to 07:00 the next morning. The settlement time for the exchange to stop trading, the month begins to follow the winter time trading time of the European and American markets, and the opening and closing are delayed by one hour, that is, 22 consecutive hours of trading. It can be entered at any time of the market, and the continuity of prices is more advantageous than futures. The most active trading period is between 20:00 and 02:00. Crude oil futures: trading hours are from 9:00 am to :0 am