US dollar US Department of Energy US crude oil inventories (June 15)

US dollar US Department of Energy US crude oil inventories (June 15)

By Crude oil market dynamics

It was oriUS dollar US Department of Energy US crude oil inventories (June 15)ginally expected that the sanctions would take effect and oil prices would soar, but from the current point of view, oil prices are going in the opposite direction. As of press time, WTI crude oil fell 0.7% to $669 per barrel; Brent crude fell 0.55% to $74 per barrel.

API Executive Chairman and CEO Gerrard said that the fact of tariffs will disrupt the complex supply chain of the U.S. oil and gas industry, which will affect the ongoing and planned energy projects in the U.S. and weaken U.S. economic security. This is because most of the special steel used in oil and gas pipelines is imported.

The sudden drop in oil production in Venezuela, the interruption of oil supply in Libya, strong oil demand, geopolitical tensions, and the re-imposed sanctions on Iranian oil by the United States have all contributed to the increase in oil prices so far this year at different times.

But the U.S. trading partners refused to negotiate, especially the subsequent auto import investigations launched by the Trump administration, which led the European Union and some other countries to come to a conclusion that concessions would incur more demands. Therefore, these countries subsequently adopted corresponding retaliatory measures against the United States.

Spot crude oil investment is an emerging investment product in the domestic market, which is similar to the more popular gold and silver investment now. Therefore, crude oil investment is bound to become the hot first choice for this investment market. As far as the current investment market is concerned, the advantages of spot crude oil investment are still relatively large. The following is a brief introduction on the China Petroleum Finance website: spot crude oil investment has a more flexible T+0 two-way trading model, which is convenient for grasping the market and avoiding risks at any time, and the operation is flexible. Very strong; there is a very high capital utilization rate. Crude oil investment uses margin trading, which greatly improves the capital utilization rate. Spot crude oil investment has a sound market mechanism and flexible trading hours. Crude oil is an international energy trading product, which is mainly concentrated in European and American countries. Therefore, its trading is relatively active and continuous. Its active time is concentrated at 8 o'clock in the evening. It is staggered at work hours and can be operated during the day and at night. It is very convenient for amateur investment. Spot crude oil has an irreplaceable hedging investment advantage. As an industrial raw material, crude oil is widely used in various industrial production and processing, and has a national strategic position. The trading threshold of spot crude oil is low, and the investment profit space and payback cycle are fast. Due to the relatively large volatility of crude oil prices and the advantages of two-way trading, there are more investment trading opportunities to meet the investment needs of small and medium-sized investments.

According to Reuters, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif also visited Brussels on Tuesday. In the morning local time, he met with EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy and former Italian Foreign Minister Mogherini. In the evening and the next two weeks, he will continue to meet with Britain, Germany and France. During the meeting with foreign ministers, Mogherini will brief the leadersUS dollar US Department of Energy US crude oil inventories (June 15) of the 28 EU countries on the situation regarding the Iran nuclear agreement.