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Flynn said that for the Venezuelan oil industry, this is like another nail in the coffin. TheWTI Crude Oil Fund IMF is Venezuela's cash lifeline, and if it is expelled, this lifeline will be broken.

Many people say that spot crude oil loses money if it doesn't make money, which is used by scammers to deceive people. In fact, it all lies in people's psychology and greed, don't blame others. Your greed makes your fluke more and more, causing you to be unable to extricate yourself from the shadow of loss. Stock index futures are harmful, right? That's because you are ignorant and greedy and you have been cheated to lose money. People have made a lot of money.

The premium of North Sea Brent crude oil relative to West Texas Intermediate crude oil WTI remained at a nearly three-year high above $0/barrel, exceeding the U.S. dollar on Thursday. Due to insufficient pipeline capacity in the United States, a large amount of output has been trapped in the interior, and this premium has doubled in less than a month.

At the same time, data released by Oman’s Ministry of Petroleum showed that monthly Oman’s oil production has climbed to a nearly 2-year high for two consecutive months, with an average daily output of 0 million barrels, higher than the average daily output of 950,000 barrels in October. But unexpectedly, the monthly export volume of Oman's crude oil fell, with an average daily average of 780,000 barrels, which was lower than the 0 month's daily average of 720,000 barrels.

After the short-term change, the 240-minute line is the main one. After breaking the first pressure support, the stop loss level should be moved up. Remember to protect the profit obtained. After breaking through the second support pressure, you should continue to move up. Stop loss, protect the profit twice, generally it is difficult to run to the top, so after the 4th move up, when to appear in two situations, one is to leave the market manually, this depends on personal mentality, the profit is not high ,In the pocket is the kingly way; the second is to keep the order after moving up the stop loss, and move it up until the loss is stopped after the last change. Such an order is more profitable.

When some investors in spot crude oil trading experience losses, they are not analyzing market changes and looking for solutions, but are looking forward to the mirWTI Crude Oil Fundacle of a sharp rebound. As a result, not only did the miracle not happen, but the market continued to fall. In spot crude oil trading investment, the only way to save losses is to rely on oneself. It is better to rely on one step at a time to seek the miracle of external forces.

OPEC and other non-OPEC members, led by Russia, agreed last week to relax production restrictions that had been in place for eight months to prevent a surge in oil prices. As of press time, Brent crude oil futures rose 0.7% to $767 per barrel; US crude oil futures rose 0.44% to $70.84 per barrel.