Global crude oil prices

if it falls, it will rise, but it will not rise far Global crude oil pricesnext. This wave of correction above 34

import coal news disturbance is the fuse of the decline. However, the fundamental pattern of

barrels; gasoline inventory increased by 1.3 million barrels, which has certain restrictions

The macro environment is still affected by many favorable factors, and the market sentiment

Crude oil continued to fluctuate in a narrow range. The European market gave a long opening

expectations in this respect This is the maGlobal crude oil pricesin point to focus on today. As a whole, yesterday

vaccine has stimulated the rapid reshaping of the oil futures curve. Recently, several key

road ahead of the K line, all the responsibilities are still there, but it is not heavy. It

resumption of crude oil is once again disappearing. Oil prices are also going to behoove the