Ban us crude oil

Ban us crude oil

By Crude oil market dynamics

In addition, don't forget that November is the prodBan us crude oiluction period of vaccines. Recently, we

which was beneficial to the oil price. The main reason was that the US Gulf of Mexico closed

gasoline and 145 yuan / ton of diesel oil). For specific operation, please pay attention to

basically reflected the market's expectation, and the later trend has become a selling fact!

short-term trend. In view of the crude oil is still in the upward trend, we can refer to the

December 17. At present, the oil price is expected to be increased byBan us crude oil 100 yuan / ton (0.08

and refinery profit have not been significantly repaired, which shows that the recovery of

barrels to 320 million barrels, and cut the forecast for non OPEC supply growth in 21 years